About Us

About Us

About us – Job Updated is user-friendly website that is designed to cover over 1 million job vacancy news, educational jobs, scholarship news, health Jobs and science and Tech jobs.

Job Updated Story

Over the years, we hear a lot of people say they can’t lay hands on a good platform that truly update on recent job vacancies, about scholarships and so on. So that is why we started this jobupdated.com to bring our latest and genuine services to your bedroom.

Our Mission

  • To radically reduce unemployment.
    Job Updated devote its time to do research and get the latest job vacancies we update everyday.
  • To help the public acquire good educational scholarships through our scholarship gist or news.

Through this we can cut the barriers people face to access these things genuinely.

Our Goal About Us

Job Updated is working tirelessly to be the audience number one website or home for Job vacancy news and Scholarship news.